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2001 CP Reunion

For those of you on myspace you may already know about this, but I wanted to spread the word here as well. There are plans in the works for a 2001 CP reunion in May. Here is the post from myspace with more information.

Reunion Itinerary

Here is the informal itinerary. This is meant to provide everyone with a general idea of where most people will be and when they will be there. Hopefully you can join for as much as possible.


Thursday, May 17th

Arrive (Day)

Pleasure Island (Night)

Friday, May 18th

Magic Kingdom (Day)

Saturday, May19th

Drink Around the World at EPCOT (Day)

PI (Night-For those who can still walk at)

Sunday, May 20th

Animal Kingdom / MGM (Day)

Jelly Rolls (Night)

Monday, May 21st

Depart (All Day)

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