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Disney ranked No.1 in BusinessWeek

Another good reason to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program. To apply or for more information, visit:

The Walt Disney Company ranked No. 1 in
BusinessWeek's 'Best Place to Launch a Career'

According to the Sept. 18 issue of BusinessWeek, "Disney's strong on-campus recruiting, solid benefits and collaborative culture helped put the entertainment giant at the head of the BusinessWeek ranking, which identifies top employers for new college graduates."

BusinessWeek, which analyzed feedback from students, college career counselors, and employers to compile the list said, "Disney's place at the pinnacle is also a testament to its popularity with students, but its desirability goes well beyond the company's instant name recognition."

BusinessWeek also used data from a Universum Communications survey of more than 37,000 U.S. undergrads ranking the most desirable employers. The Walt Disney Company was named the "No. 1 Ideal Employer" in their survey.

BusinessWeek also noted the importance of internships in recruiting at top companies. "Increasingly, the most popular and effective recruiting strategy is the use of internships. To identify promising recruits early and to sell them on a company at the same time, more employers are looking to their intern pool to fill full-time slots. Among employers that supplied internship data, nearly half increased their reliance on interns since 2004; at six companies on the list, more than 50% of the 2006 entry-level hires were former interns."

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