They hate her when she's beautiful (luvu4legos2) wrote in wdwcp_alumni,
They hate her when she's beautiful

Need some help!

Okay. This is the deal. In order to take my series 6 exam i have to fill out like 4 dozen forms. of them wants my addresses for every place i've lived in the past 5 years. While figuring out the newer ones was easy, i cannot for the life of me remember the address for my apartment when i was a CP at Disney.

This is where you guys come in -- i know that you are former/current CP's & might actually remember the address or be able to get that information for me.

I do remember that i did live in Chatham, in Apt. 5204. (So building 5).

If anyone has the actual physical address, i'd greatly appreciate it.


Thanks everyone! Got it!
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